Tuesday, June 15, 2010


I am off for a few weeks of holiday and a bit of business tacked on at the end. We start with a visit to the country house of some of Laura’s ancestors in an English village, Malvern. It is called Madresfield Court, if you are interested. Then, we will make our way to Iona, the Scottish locale of our own St. Columba. Finally, we finish in London. There I will be reconnecting with the Vicar of St. John’s Wood, Anders Bergquist. Many of you will remember Father Bergquist’s visit, his talk about the English Church and preaching. This is my reciprocal visit to his parish. You might also remember that the Church of St. John's Wood is the parish of Peter and Pat Jefferys. They are kind to host us for part of our London Stay. It will be a bit of vacation and a bit of work. You will be led by the Rt. Rev. David Joslin, Father Green and Father Bolles. Have a great beginning of the season and welcome back all our summer friends!