Sunday, July 27, 2008

Senator Obama's Prayer at the Western Wall

Pensito Review

The prying eyes never relent, if you are running for office. I Join the rabbi in outrage, that someone would steal the note to publish the content. Obama’s or not, it is a poignant prayer.

Friday, July 25, 2008

Proposal from Bishop Ackerman

Bishop Ackerman, Diocese of Quincy, says cancel The Episcopal Church General Convention 2009

From Hans Zeiger in Canterbury for Virtue Online:

A leading orthodox bishop of The Episcopal Church has proposed canceling the 2009 Episcopal Church General Convention in order to fund the United Nations' Millennium Development Goals (MDGs).

Following the Thursday march on London by over 600 Anglican bishops and their spouses in support of the MDGs, the Rt. Rev. Keith Ackerman, Bishop of Quincy, said that "there should be no General Convention this year, and all the money for the convention should be sent to fund the goals."

Ackerman furthermore called for The Episcopal Church to "cancel all meetings that require face to face and conduct nothing but video conferencing." He said that the American wing of the Anglican Communion should "donate its money to churches that would be positively affected."

Though leaders of The Episcopal Church have stated their commitment to the MDGs and made their biggest stand yet in London on Thursday, Ackerman has doubts that The Episcopal Church has yet made a true commitment.

"If the church is absolutely, totally committed to these goals, there are three things it needs to do," Ackerman said.

"First, place the goals in the context of the Gospel itself.

"Second, leaders must make the necessary changes in their own personal lifestyle so that they can make their own commitment to model what God wants done.

"Third, the church must corporately find a way to fund this."

In response to Presiding Bishop Katharine Jefferts Schori's invitation to African bishops to join her for drinks at a Canterbury reception (despite the Sudanese bishops' abstinence from alcohol), Ackerman offered a specific MDG funding proposal. "Do not invite the Sudanese to a reception. Cancel the reception and give the money to the Sudanese church."

Comment: An interesting idea. I am not perfectly clear about the motive behind the proposal. There are all sorts of reasons that GC is necessary, but I have often wondered about the real impact of GC. The administration of TEC is important and worthy of significant attention. It is work that must be done. This is true on all levels of the Church. However, I wonder about the stewardship of our time and resources.

Can the administration of TEC be carried out more effectively and efficiently. My question arises not out of a sense of scarcity, but from a desire to be an effective Kingdom partner for God. Is all that we do directed to further the Gospel?

As I work, I try my best to keep mission and ministry my ultimate priority. Consideration is given not only to what I do, but how. It is not always easy, but necessary.

Monday, July 21, 2008

BBC Picture of Anglicanism

Anglicanism Around the World

The BBC has a nice colored map with arrows and such, giving us the demographic picture of much of the Anglican world. I love a map, almost as much as charts and graphs.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

From Bishop Pierre Whalon

Below is quote from Bishop Whalon’s Lambeth blog. He asserts that the PB was elected when a group of “conservative” bishops cast their lot with Bishop Jefferts-Schori. Now, this is a rumor that swirled around her election. I have not heard anyone seek to confirm it like Bishop Whalon has. He says their reason is a matter of speculation.

If it is true, I would think the motive is fairly obvious. Bishop Jefferts-Schori was the choice likely to create the most controversy. Her gender would create a challenge for many most upset with TEC, both for those within TEC and in other parts of the Anglican Communion. Those disenchanted with TEC could also point to her relatively short tenure as the Bishop of a small diocese.

The motive for such collusion would seem to be destabilization. It would seem to be a move made in hopes of undermining the House of Bishops and TEC. I am thankful that it hasn’t worked out that way, and that is a testimony to Bishop Jefferts-Schori.

This kind of collusion and sabotage, if true, is very disheartening. An action, designed in hope of harm, to further one’s agenda is truly sad.

“Hmm... first of all, some truth needs to be told, namely, that Bishop Jefferts-Schori was elected Presiding Bishop when a group of conservative bishops switched their votes in the last rounds of balloting. “They even brag about it,” said one highly-placed Anglican Communion officer to me. Why they did this is a matter of speculation. (If they thought they were electing someone they could push around, they were sorely mistaken.) But to tag the election of Bishop Katharine (as I call her) as the House of Bishops’ “stamp of approval” of radical theology is, on the face of it, completely wrong.”

Entire Entry-Is this Woman a Heretic


For those interested, there are a number of vehicles to keep informed about the Lambeth Conference. Fr. Scott Gunn is in England and will be painting the picture. His blog is Seven Whole Days.

Fr. Gunn/Seven Whole Days

Also, There is a blog for bishops called the Lambeth Journal.

Lambeth Journal

Trying to avoid pat phrases about our “small world” and “communicating at the speed of light”, it is an awesome thing to have access to information as an event of this magnitude unfolds. Speed, however, is dangerous. It is too easy to accept a sound bite and extrapolate meaning and intent, and find that you are quite wrong.

As people, we often fall prey to the temptation to process the information, we have received, as efficiently as the transmission of it. You get the email, read it, reach a conclusion and back with a response. This is great for many simple decisions: Where are we having lunch? But, our zip bang way of operating often compromises the more subtle dimensions of trying to understand, what someone is attempting to communicate.

I am going to practice caution as I seek Lambeth news. If I see the phrase, “bishops comment on life on Mars,” I am going to want to know much more, before I fling myself off the deep end. Speed is great, but not at the cost of understanding.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008


I am enjoying a summer respite, but still following the aftermath of GAFCON. Father Jones, linked on this blog, is providing sound commentary. Also check out the Creedal Christian, linked on this blog as well. He has a post with links to several good sources of commentary from all over the spectrum.

I will be back in about 10 days.

Keep the Faith.