Thursday, July 17, 2008

From Bishop Pierre Whalon

Below is quote from Bishop Whalon’s Lambeth blog. He asserts that the PB was elected when a group of “conservative” bishops cast their lot with Bishop Jefferts-Schori. Now, this is a rumor that swirled around her election. I have not heard anyone seek to confirm it like Bishop Whalon has. He says their reason is a matter of speculation.

If it is true, I would think the motive is fairly obvious. Bishop Jefferts-Schori was the choice likely to create the most controversy. Her gender would create a challenge for many most upset with TEC, both for those within TEC and in other parts of the Anglican Communion. Those disenchanted with TEC could also point to her relatively short tenure as the Bishop of a small diocese.

The motive for such collusion would seem to be destabilization. It would seem to be a move made in hopes of undermining the House of Bishops and TEC. I am thankful that it hasn’t worked out that way, and that is a testimony to Bishop Jefferts-Schori.

This kind of collusion and sabotage, if true, is very disheartening. An action, designed in hope of harm, to further one’s agenda is truly sad.

“Hmm... first of all, some truth needs to be told, namely, that Bishop Jefferts-Schori was elected Presiding Bishop when a group of conservative bishops switched their votes in the last rounds of balloting. “They even brag about it,” said one highly-placed Anglican Communion officer to me. Why they did this is a matter of speculation. (If they thought they were electing someone they could push around, they were sorely mistaken.) But to tag the election of Bishop Katharine (as I call her) as the House of Bishops’ “stamp of approval” of radical theology is, on the face of it, completely wrong.”

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