Monday, September 24, 2007

Stand Firm Offers Report of Press Conference

Press Conference:

Bishop Alexander: there is no draft document at this point. we have made enourmous progress today building a strong consus. It is our hope that the document we've been working on will be redrawn tonight and tomorrow we will hvae a full response

Bishop Alverez: This is a continuing process with regard to our relationship wiht rhe rest of the communion dealing with polity, our consecration of VGR and other matters that have arisen. But through this process we have proven the quality of this church in whcih we can differ, talk openly, and pray together. As Bishop Alexander said we are working on a document that will offer a good respnose

Bruno: we are a passionate group of humans we are working on being passionate and clear., My two fellow bishops have said everything that needs to be said. WE are men and women of integrity and strneght and we work hard to respect one another

Question: Is there a consensus and what is it

Bruno: we have agreed that we need to haev a statement that responds with clarity. IT must be clear and unambiguous and we are working in that direction. We really do intend to come out wiht a statement that will speak clearly to the communion and to the church.

Nolan from NO Picyune: We've been told tere are a number of resolutions, how are they going to be incorporated?

Bruno: Nothing is sidetracked. tHere have been several different methods set forth for our response and there is debate about that. But it is importatn that it be clear.

Alexander: bishops have all contributed to the conversation. Many have put forward resolutions and proposals and this is good. People work better if they don't just have a blank sheet of paper

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