Sunday, December 9, 2007

From The New York Times

The fraying of ties weighs on the Rev. Keith Axberg, rector of Holy Family in Fresno, which will stay in the church. “You have two different world views in the diocese: There are those with a real concern for purity and orthodoxy, which are very important, and I admire that they stand up for bedrock values, like the fact that Jesus is Lord,” Mr. Axberg said. “The Episcopal Church has stood up a great deal for social justice. You really need both sides to hold each other to the fire. But they have blinders on to one another.”


It would seem difficult to read the Bible, and miss Jesus’ concern for justice. As Christians, Jesus’ concern is our concern. We are charged, as people of faith, to execute Jesus’ just vision of the Kingdom.

We act, not because Jesus’ teaching seems good, or right. We act, because Jesus is the revealed Eternal Word of God. The authority of Jesus’ words stem from his identity as The Word.

For Christians, right belief and right action are inextricable. Both are the product of the unfolding grace of God. All would do well to remember this most basic truth.


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Bryan+ said...

"For Christians, right belief and right action are inextricable."

Very well said, Chris. This may be an argument for why we need the full spectrum of theological diversity in the Church, for it's often the conservatives (and many centrists) who remind us about "right belief" and it's often the liberals or "progressives" (and many centrists) who highlight "right action."

Without the insights of the other - without BOTH right belief AND right action - the Church can run off the rails.