Monday, April 7, 2008

Sin and Globalization

Tinkering with Sin

This is a great little editorial piece. It is so easy to pretend that sin is my personal shortfall, and there are no consequences beyond me. It is just not true.

The discussion of religious strictures is fascinating. Communion tokens might be useful...


Country Parson said...

I'm not so sure that religious success, whatever that is, can be attributed to the strictness of rule setting and internal discipline. But I also think that we Episcopalians have been too reluctant to name the sin. That might be because the sins most clearly articulated in the New Testament look an awful lot like the virtues of the prevalent American political ideology. It's so much safer to confine sin to matters of personal lasciviousness, especially those that we see in someone else.

Chris+ said...


I think you are right. I think what creates strength is identification with a group. Code probably creates a stronger sense of connection as a member of an organization. Strictness is irrelevant, but the strictures reinforce identity. The taking on of identity is the key.