Monday, April 6, 2009

Monday of Holy Week

Each day of Holy week, I will post a description of Holy Week in Jerusalem in the 4th Century. I found an online edition of Egeria’s Pilgrimage. The link to the entire text HERE .
I hope it will be of some interest and use.

Monday in Holy Week

On the next day, the second weekday, everything that is customary is done from the first cockcrow until morning in the Anastasis; also at the third and sixth hours everything is done that is customary throughout the whole of Quadragesima. But at the ninth hour all assemble in the great church, that is the martyrium,1 where hymns and antiphons are said continuously until the first hour of the night and lessons suitable to the day and the place are read, interspersed always with prayers. Lucernare takes place when its hour approaches, that is, so that it is already night when the dismissal at the martyrium is made. When the dismissal has been made, the bishop is escorted thence with hymns to the Anastasis, where, when he has entered, one hymn is said, followed by a prayer; the catechumens and then the faithful are blessed, and the dismissal is made.

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