Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Philip and James, Apostles

May 1st is a red letter day on the Episcopal Calendar. It is the day we remember Philip and James, both apostles of Jesus. History records little about the two. Most everything we know about them comes from the Gospels.

James is, mainly, distinguished from the other followers of Jesus that bear the same name. Yet, this James is found at the foot of the cross at the crucifixion. Philip is known by the questions he posed throughout the ministry of Jesus. Philip strikes me much the way Thomas does. He has pragmatic concerns, and dares to speak them aloud.

Philip calls his friend Nathaniel to come and see. Philip expresses concern about Jesus' ability to feed the multitude. Philip insists, in the Gospel according to John, that Jesus show them the Father.

In my experience, you need persons of all temperaments. You need the low-key individuals that vote with their feet, and serve simply by being present. This seems like James. You also need those that will speak up for themselves. Those individuals are, probably, asking the questions that others have, but don't articulate. This sounds like Philip.

Today we remember Philip and James. We give thanks for their witness, but particularly for the different temperaments they represent. Pray that we might honor our different ways of being and seeing.


Phyliss said...

Great work.

Chris+ said...

Thx for the comment Phyliss.