Saturday, May 19, 2007

Who Cares?

Surfing the web this morning, I came across this article about the current situation in Somalia. The U.S., obviously, has a history with Somalia and not a pretty one. It is a country marked by civil war, poverty and savage strongmen. In fact, the Newsweek article discloses that Somalis fleeing Mogadishu are renting trees from farmers for the purpose of shelter.

It is a sad story. The factors that led Somalia down this path are varied and complex. Which, I suppose, is always the case.

The source of shock, I felt, came after the article in the form of comments to the article. The first post stated, in no uncertain terms, the Somalis are stupid and deserve what they have, so, who cares? Some communicated outrage at the who cares post, but several others agreed, who cares?

It would be difficult, even contradictory, to claim to be a follower of Jesus and not care.

Now let me be clear, I have never been much of a banner waver, so to speak. I believe in the value of all human life, because of the Gospel. I believe in the self-sacrificing love of God, because it is the content of the Gospel. Gospel, after all, means good news. That, for me, is the issue. Sometimes banner wavers don’t express their motivation, especially in the Church. The banner wavers often seem to adhere to some plank of a platform, rather than an explicit commitment to the saving Gospel of Jesus Christ.

I wish we were more explicit. I wish we could and would communicate, that every mission endeavor begins because Christ instructed us to go into the world with water, food and clothing. Jesus taught that when we quench thirst, feed hunger and offer the most basic protection of clothing, we are doing so to him.

Who cares…?

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