Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Christ and Culture with Apologies to H. Richard Niebuhr

From the earliest periods of Christian history, there has been debate about how followers of Jesus are to exist in the world. Some fled society to live lives of solitary dedication to God. Some have sought to make the present order Christian. Most of us, I suspect, live somewhere in-between.

I think in-between is a fine place to be. In Christ and Culture, Niebuhr put the options as: Christ Against Culture, Christ Of Culture, Christ Above Culture, Christ and Culture in Paradox and, get ready for it, Christ the Transformer of Culture. Christ transforming culture has always made sense to me.

Transformation avoids a remote Christ, and a vision of Christ that merely justifies, or resists the present order. Transformation fits with the Gospel witness of the ministry of Jesus. Transformation might also help the faithful avoid some bad music and tacky t-shirts... :)

Pop Goes Christianity


Country Parson said...

You are not getting a lot of comments, but I, for one, regularly read and enjoy. Keep it up.

Chris+ said...

Thx CP,

It is nice to know I am not boxing at the wind. I enjoy your blog as well. The Hagee stuff has been particularly good.