Thursday, May 15, 2008


The link is to a very moving news story about post-genocide work in Rwanda. It reminded me of the Truth and Reconciliation work in South Africa. It is impossible to know how one would respond in this kind of a situation.

The world is broken, and God knows it. It is not surprising the Christ spent so much time speaking about forgiveness. Where there is reconciliation with God and one another, there is hope.

The quote:

Mukantabana admits it was difficult to forgive. She said she did not speak to Bizimana or his wife for four years after the killings. What put her on the road to healing, she said, was the gacaca process.

"It has not just helped me, it has helped all Rwandans because someone comes and accepts what he did and he asks for forgiveness from the whole community, from all Rwandans," she said.

Bizimana said he did just that.

"You go in front of the people like we are standing here and ask for forgiveness," he said.

But despite his confession and apology, Iphigenia said reconciliation would not have happened unless she had decided to open her heart and accept his pleas.

"I am a Christian and I pray a lot," she said, the pain etched in the lines on her face and around her sad eyes.

Woman opens her heart to the man who slaughtered her family

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