Friday, January 25, 2008

Comments On Bishop Wright's Article

I was interested in Bishop Wright’s article in The Church Times. I have also been interested by the commentary out there about it. The opinion he states of the “prevailing revisionist agenda” stings a bit for those of us within the Episcopal Church holding fairly traditional views of Christianity and the Church. It assumes there is a consensus within The Episcopal Church. I am not sure this is a completely fair assessment.

The other aspect of this that I find fascinating is the commentary on another blog about the good bishop.

another blog

It is hard to imagine a Bishop more scholarly, or with more integrity than +Wright. He is a sound mainstream thinker. I do not agree with him about everything under the Sun, but I always want to know what he thinks.

I can only imagine the attack upon him ensues, because he is a real Anglican, and not a Calvinist.

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