Monday, January 28, 2008


In the sermons for the last two Sundays, I have been much more specific about the “so what now” piece. I think of that piece, as the action required by the Gospel. Our Wed. morning Bible study uses an approach that really goes to the heart of our engagement with the Bible. Paraphrased, the final question is: “as a result of the conversation, and an understanding of the particular passage, am I being asked to change, or do something?” Hard to think of a better question, as we engage the scriptures.

Two weeks ago, I asked hearers to name the ways you accept and practice Jesus’ invitation to “come and see”. This week, I asked hearers to consider the ways you follow Jesus by teaching, proclaiming that the Kingdom has come near and offering healing.

The texts related to the sermons are linked below.

two weeks ago

this past week

As always, I would welcome thoughts.


Country Parson said...

I had a lot of the same thoughts based on the idea that each of the events in these Epiphany readings are about moments of transition, and so it became something of a theme that carried through the last four weeks. We touched on what the nature of a transitional moment is; how curiosity, imagination and courage were involved; why hearing but not doing was to not hear at all; and finally that each of these events was about a new beginning. New beginnings include, of course, becoming a new creation in Christ, but for my congregation it also means a new beginning following my retirement.

Country Parson said...

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