Tuesday, January 15, 2008


In 1988, I was a freshman in college, and not paying much attention to the Church. I was very busy, but not with Church. So, I missed the the finer points of the conflict around the confirmation of +Schofield.

Today a friend reminded me of the controversy surrounding his confirmation at General Convention that year. It seems that some sought to derail +Schofield, because he had been a public opponent of the ordination of women. It seems that two surprising advocates appeared. Bishops Swing and Spong spoke in favor of Scofield. Spong in particular is purported to have said something along the lines of, if there is a place for me in the Church, then surely there is a place for +Schofield.

This was totally new to me, and quite a shock. I guess +Schofield doesn’t share the sentiment of those that spoke on his behalf...

I guess, I need to get out more. As Junior Soprano has said, “What I don’t know could fill a book.”


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