Friday, January 18, 2008

Politics and Religion

Hukabee: "amend the Constitution so it's in God's standards"

I came across this article on Episcopal Cafe. The debates rage on. It reminds me of American Gospel, by Jon Meacham. It is a useful read, and provides much needed insight into these deeply divisive issues.

Have a look.

American Gospel



Country Parson said...

On my own pages I offered two sets of thoughts. One on evaluating candidates against standards drawn from the Sermon on the Mount, and the other on evaluating political platforms against standards drawn from Amos. It's a little exercise I've been messing with for years and have used in my Bible Basics and Christian Ethics classes. On the whole, the response is pretty much "ho-hum." But I"m going to stick with it.

Chris+ said...

country parson,

It would be hard to go wrong, employing either of your approaches. I like the Amos angle.


Country Parson said...

Thank you Chris, and peace be with you also.
Steve+ (aka CP)