Monday, January 21, 2008

Things Get Weird In San Joaquin

A former priest of the Diocese of San Joaquin reports on conflict between +Schofield and the Standing Committee. It is strange, and makes me think +Schofield is not well at all. He seems to be in a cycle of making statements, and then coming back to offer correction, or retraction. Erratic is the word that comes to mind.

A Saturday Morning Massacre



Country Parson said...

I linked to a couple of the sites related to San Joaquin in various ways and was saddened to see so much hysterical, fear driven and utterly outrageous rhetoric being flung about from one side to the other. It brought to mind scenes of three year olds having a group temper tantrum. I suppose the love of God can shine through that but it's hard to see how.

Chris+ said...

I agree. It is terribly sad. God knows where the truth is in all this. I guess we should expect confusion from an unprecedented move like this.

By the way, I think we just missed each other at GTS.
Did you graduate in 1995?